Frosted Snowman
Winter Scene Hurricane

  • Hurricane Lampshade

  • Krylon Frosting Spray

  • Laminating Sheet

  • Fine-Tipped Paintbrush

  • Liquidex Glosses Paints (for glass) Green, Red, Orange, White, Black

  • Snow Tex

  • 5 3/4" Glass Candle Base by Darice item #2609-60

  • 3" x 4" Pillar Candle, White or Ivory

  1. Clean the surface of your hurricane lampshade with a paper towel.

  2. On the lamination sheet trace an oval shape approximately 2 1/2" x 3"

  3. Cut out and place on to your hurricane lampshade

  4. Place it on the wider portion of the hurricane with the longer part of the oval-shape going across left to right.

  5. Once you have centered your mask on to your hurricane, use your fingernails to secure it.

  6. In a well-ventilated area spray the krylon frosting spray on the hurricane.

  7. Wait 20-30 minutes to allow the hurricane to dry and repeat step 4.

  8. The lamination sheet will have hardened from the spray and should come off with your fingernails If it does not, use a knife, gently, to seperate the masking from the glass.

  9. In the masked, clear area, use a fine-tipped paint brush and white paint to paint dots that look as if snow is falling. Let Dry.

  10. Then paint the lower edge between the frosted area and the clear area white to make ground where the snow has fallen.

  11. Let dry and paint the snowman's body white by making three circles and filling them in.

  12. Once all the white paint is dry, you can add accents to your snowman.

  13. Use orange paint for his nose. Start the brush from the center of his face and move right so that the nose looks like a carrot.

  14. Add the black accents, Paint on two black dots for eyes, and three black dots for his mouth.

  15. For his arms, use the black paint once again and paint twigs coming from his torso.

  16. For the other accents on the snowman use the red or green and your imagination.

  17. Apply the Snow Tex on top of the white paint, which is to look like fallen snow.

  18. Put it on thick all over thia area and use the paint brush to create peaks in the "snow". Let Dry.

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